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Month: May 2019

Google Maps Latest Update: Now You Can Report Accidents & Speed Traps

Google Maps Latest Update: Now You Can Report Accidents & Speed Traps

Previously, Waze had this pretty useful feature that allowed its users to report any accident zone, roadblocks, speed traps, and cop check posts in its community that alerted other users who were about to take the same route. Google Map finally rolled out this Latest feature that allows its users to report any such event while traveling to their destination. After months of testing, Google has finally rolled out this feature for all users using Google Map. Although the feature is currently available for Android users, it will soon be rolled out for iPhone users as well.

How You Can Do it?

  • You can report anything that you spot instantly by using a dedicated button named “Add a Report”.
  • While following Google Map for navigation, once you spot anything, go to the navigation screen.
  • Press the report button next to audio.
  • You can also tap the arrow pointing upwards from the button of the screen and press on“Add a Report”.
  • Once you have navigated to the report window, report about the speed trap or accident you have encountered.
  • Before you start traveling, Google Map checks if several people have reported a certain mishap and suggest you to take an alternate route.
  • If you are traveling on a route that already has an issue reported, once you reach the point, Google Map also asks you whether the issue is still there or not.

Why This Feature is Needed?

Often the route we take to our workplace or any other destination regularly may experience some disturbances. The disturbances may be due to unexpected roadblocks due to natural hazards or some roadworks, and also because of some unexpected accidents. There may also be some mobile speed traps that may result from you get fined if you are over speeding.

This new feature allows you to report the incidents whenever you face it and thus, help fellow travelers stay alert and careful to avoid that route and take an alternate one, thereby saving their valuable time. If any traveler is going on a natural hazards route that you follow and face something, they will also report it and once you open the map, you will get an alert that this route is to be avoided. Just like Waze, Google Map needed this update days ago. However, this option is not yet rolled out for all users and hence, not officially announced.

How Different is the Feature from Waze?

Well, Google has a lot to offer. Waze provides the option to report hazards as well as be avoided. Google still does not offer that and hence, is quite limited. fellow travelers, However, we mustn’t forget the fact that its Google we are talking. Google Maps is the most used GPS based navigation system by both iPhone as well as Android users worldwide. saving their like all other newly added features like offline support or motorcycle route, the developers will definitely improve the shortcomings and release a fix or some new features in their next updates.