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4 Best FM Radio Apps for Android That Works Offline

4 Best FM Radio Apps for Android That Works Offline

Most of the smartphone brands today manufacture devices that come with built-in FM radio. By default, FM receivers are present in all smartphones. But what if your manufacturer did not activate it? And like others, you feel like skipping Spotify and listening to the good old radio for a change? There are many Android apps where you can tune in to your favorite radio station without using the internet. Let’s take a look at the best 4 among them.


With more than 1500 stations, this app allows you to choose your favorite radio station based on popularity, location, and other factors. You can add a channel to favorites so that whenever you run the app, the channel starts playing automatically. Not only that, but it also provides the option for downloading podcasts. However, for FM, you don’t need to use the internet. The app runs smoothly in multiple devices and filters noise-free radio waves. You can also create a playlist which you can listen to ad-free.

Simple Radio

As the name suggests, the app is really simple and provides all the advantages of a radio device with the simple user interface of a classic radio. There are more than 25000 stations which you can browse quality. You will need a single tap to tune in to your favorite radio station. And yes, you can save a channel to the favorites list. It also provides the auto search feature, which searches for the next active frequency and plays that station. Because of its stability and reliability, the app has over 5 million active users.


Inbuilt in latest smartphones manufactured by Samsung, NextRadio can be downloaded from Play store as well as from other app stores. Setup and configuration are simple. Install it and search for the next available radio station. There is an auto-tuning feature. If it is turned off, you can turn it on from the settings. However, just like the old Symbian OS devices, the app works only if you have wired earphone or headphone connected to your mobile device. Although the quality of the signal receiver is a bit low, the fact that it consumes less battery than other apps makes it a user favorite.

TuneIn Radio

The company first started almost 14 years ago. Currently, TuneIn Radio showcases over 100000 stations along with Podcasts. You can also get Tune Me APK for Android from PlayStore or from Online APK Downloader which is similar to TuneIn Radio. It can quickly tune in to the next available station and allows you to bookmark the channel or podcast for future use. One more advantage it, it supports Google voice access. The app has an excellent and easy to use user interface and because of its Google voice access support, accessibility is not an issue. Not only that, while using it online, you will have access to live sports stations and over 40000 free audiobooks. The only disadvantage is, the free version comes with some ads.

The list of offline radio apps is quite low because most smartphone users depend on their built-in device radio. However, all of them are for playing FM stations only. No smartphone radio supports AM and only if your device has FM chip enabled in it. If not, then you have to rely on Radio streaming apps that works well with internet connectivity.